Territory Real Estate

Why Territory

We're all about buyers.

At Territory, we only represent buyers — we never work for the seller or as a dual agent. So our overriding goal is to make sure you get the home you want at the best possible price. Isn't it nice to know our interests are aligned with yours?

Service really matters.

Warning: When you mention Territory, brokers might say, "Oh, they're a discount firm." This implies we compromise when it comes to service. Not true! Our Territory Guides are specially trained in all aspects of the "buy" side of the deal. They perform exhaustive property valuations, excel in negotiations and take good care of you every step of the way. You might just develop a little crush.

"Flat fee" is how we roll.

Broker commissions have traditionally been based on the home's purchase price. The higher the price, the more money the brokers make. See how that system works against buyers? That's why Territory charges the same flat fee on every deal. We're empowered to give you unbiased advice because we have no incentive to drive up the price or steer you toward a particular home. So, yes, that might make for some disgruntled listing agents. Too bad.

We give you the complete 411.

Most real estate websites pull the classic bait and switch: They give you minimal information about a property, forcing you to contact the listing agent for more details, only to get pitched on his or her services. Argh! In contrast, Territory.com includes all property information that we're authorized to share by law. So browse listings, use free tools to assess prices and then decide which homes look interesting. If you'd like to check one out, then email or call us. If not, don't worry — we won't bug you.

Want To Learn More?

If you want to learn more about Territory or our flat fee commission structure, Contact Us today and speak with one of our local Territory Guides.

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